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A Jade Reynolds Thriller



Jade Reynolds is a dedicated detective.

Articulate. Intelligent. Ethical.

She manages her ‘patch’ with her law book in one hand and the gift of compassion in the other.

A series of gruesome killings draw her deeper into the psychotic world of unknown enemies. Her personal life is bleached of joy by tragedy. She must prevail to retain her sanity and purpose of intent to stop the killings.

She knows in her heart that she will survive; that she has to muster her all to achieve expectations of herself - before darkness and insanity consume her…


“A gripping and entertaining thriller that raises questions and thoughts on the unexpected and the unanticipated…great book and thoroughly recommend…” Douglas, IndieBooks reviewer.


JD Murphy is an Australian author, based in Queensland and he often asks ‘what is life without a good yarn?’. His first novel, The Arbor Girls, published in 2020 was considered one of the best first novels released by a new author and received good reception with reviewers and readers around the globe.  JD Murphy’s gripping second novel of a contemporary setting, examines the clashes possible between the cultures and faiths inherent in a freedom focused nation such as Australia. It is, above all, created to entertain readers. JD Murphy trusts that they will be wholesomely entertained by yet another acclaimed yarn.

About JD Murphy

John D Murphy is an Australian Author based in Queensland, He has had a lifelong attraction to storytelling; from stories ranging across family entertainment skits as a child, to turning his life into story as an art of understanding his adult purpose. A teacher of adults throughout his career, he used storytelling to make textbook facts gain a creativity of learning. He loves a good yarn and one with a humourous antidote to share in good company. This first of his novels is, above all, designed to entertain reader’s and he hopes they will be open to the tale he has crafted within.

Recently released the Queensland Literary Awards entry for Historical Fiction in 2020, THE ARBOR GIRLS, JD Murphy has been busy completing his second novel, Mango – A Jade Reynolds thriller, due out in 2021 by Shawline Publishing Group Australia. 

The Arbor girls are a force to be reckoned with…
Maeve Fossard, a nurse during the bombings of Bristol in WW1 wants to escape the pain and suffering around her. A trip to a pub and a chance meeting with a stranger named Colin, changes her life. The shadow world of spies and politics, become a reality. 
Through two World Wars, the Cold War and into the Sixties; from England to Australia, she encounters ultimate highs and soul sapping lows. 
Every action has consequences. Her companions, Margaret and Allison, their fates entwined, join a rich tapestry of characters, in her endeavours to create an invisible dynasty of social reform which will continue through to the future and span the globe...

“A fantastic read from a new Australian Author who has a flair for the period of such a wonderful storyline…authentic and moving with beautiful nuances and themes…5 Stars…” Gail, IndieBooks Reviewer.

Some Q&A from JD Murphy on his book –


1)      Why did you write this book? What were your inspirations?


At a point in time, I decided to explore my father’s family line as soldier settlers in the early twentieth century. As I researched the general history of settlers, I became aware of the machinations of government in establishing, then not supporting, soldier settlements. I also explored the impacts of colonisation on first Australians. Finally, I concluded that much of the trauma in those communities had its genesis in the Post Traumatic Stress disorders endured by the returned warriors.


2)       How did you decide on the characters in the book would also be an interesting concept to include?

          I needed three military who could reflect the class structure of the armed forces.  I needed partners for those men so that I could explore the harshness of their existence in a foreign land. I needed first nations characters so that I could cast light onto the conflicts caused by the collisions of different cultures.


3)       What drew you to the subject matter or the characters? 


My paternal family’s personalities. I had to ‘dig deep’ to understand why they were who they were.


4)      What was the biggest challenge when writing the book?


Research on family history. Weaving the various story lines into a coherent whole.


5)      Were there any interesting experiences you might’ve had during the research for the book, or while writing or publishing the book:


The intensity of interest from those to whom I have mentioned I was writing this fiction piece.


6)      For whom did you write it and why?


Firstly, I wrote it for me. It was a way of framing the Irish immigrant experience within the little knowledge I had of ‘those days’.

Secondly, I believe that there is a market for a cross discipline work which touches on the themes of Post traumatic Stress Disorder, the machinations of government and the lies which are told to the public, the distress caused to first nations people with their dispossession.


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